Understanding The Covid-19 Pandemic Through Sociological Lenses

Citizens worldwide are experiencing a biological event like no other. Termed Covid-19, this coronavirus claimed over ten million lives worldwide. Well before the World Health Organisation classed Covid-19 as a pandemic, scientists were already racing to triangulate its symptoms and determine its transmissibility (World Health Organization, 2020). Today, science and technology equip biologists and virologists… Continue reading Understanding The Covid-19 Pandemic Through Sociological Lenses

Eliminate Verbal Haze

After writing a piece, I often eliminate words and restructure passages. I believe everyone should cultivate a habit of relentlessly removing redundant words. If you think that you write too much, you just might. This is regardless of how skilled of a wordsmith you are. Over time, I compiled a list of common phrases that… Continue reading Eliminate Verbal Haze

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A Future Of Automation

Automation and its effects have fascinated me ever since I came across the concept years ago. I saw gradual implementation of technology across the various sectors over the years. In the early 2010s, I worked at Somerset and 313@Somerset was a usual lunchtime haunt for workers around the area. One day, I spotted several touchscreen… Continue reading A Future Of Automation