Everyone A Handy One

In March 2018, I purchased a Bosch 12 volt brushless impact driver. I must have harboured thoughts of busting it out to perform reparations and upgrades around the home then. It however laid dormant in my toolbox until just days ago when my mum purchased two sets of new wall mounts.

The task then was to replace our rusted mounts in the kitchen and inside the toilet that each held aluminium poles for which clothes would then be hung on. The impact driver made little work of driving out the rusted screws and putting new ones in. I could use a manual screwdriver. But hey, I had a cordless tool and I had to use it.

Looking back over the years, I replaced ceiling lights, rusty water pipes, shower heads, upgraded my computers and laptops, and performed general repairs and restoration. Knowing how to do these things sometimes came from pure observation on how things connected to one another. Other times, I turn to YouTube. I learned these things because I am lazy. The thought of calling up a handyman to come around and fix things around my home scared me more than me doing it myself.

A glue gun gets you out of sticky situations.

I’m convinced that everybody should be handy around the house. The general principle holds true: “Be a useful person”. This phrase can be shortened to just: “Be useful”. It does not matter if you think you are incompetent at tasks or life itself. What matters is that you make the effort to learn. We have YouTube, arguably the best teacher of teachers. Millions of individuals around the world put their time, knowledge, and resources into a visual format for our (easy) consumption. I learned so much from people I may never even get to meet in real life, and for that, I am better for it.

Be handy. Be useful.

I thank the YouTube teachers for imparting great knowledge so that we can all be handy at home, and useful towards society. Sure, you spend time and expend effort. But, you save money. Nevertheless, if you really do not want to do-it-yourself, then go ahead and call a handyman. Search engines make it easy to find someone willing to do the job for you for a cost at least.