A Different Back Pain

I woke up this morning in bed with a mild back ache–the sort that signals to me that I have officially breached the midway point of my thirties. For many months now since I started working from home, I’ve sat on a four-legged plastic chair in my office-room. The ergonomic police would arrest me if they ever saw my chair. Still, I plonked a blanket to cushion my bottom; That has to account for something, right?

But, is the pain a case of poor posture? Or is it one brought on by a certain mosquito? My vain attempt to swat and kill three mosquitoes buzzing around my legs certainly got me thinking: Is this dengue? Make no mistake, I am the mozzie repellant for friends and family whenever we are out and about. They feast on my blood (I am B+). I reckon the ‘b’ means bloody fantastic.

Now, if I do not update my blog in a week, know that I have tried my best at life. On a less serious note: The mozzie killer gadgets do not seem to work. Mosquitoes are not attracted to UV light. They are attracted to carbon dioxide instead. Traps that emit CO2 work much better. I should look into them.

If the pain spreads, then I may have a potential emergency on my hands. We will see.

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