Sony: Please Let Me Unsubscribe From Your Marketing Emails

Recently, I’ve gotten back to decluttering my physical goods and digital content.

Part of my decluttering involves unsubscribing from mailing lists and content that hasn’t been relevant to me for some time. Now, every so often, I receive emails from Sony. I don’t use their products anymore; not since 2019 or so after the Xperia Z5 Compact turned into an overheating pad in my wrists while featuring horrendous battery life.

It was high time to end their marketing emails to me. Anyone who has ever opted out of such content would know to look for the ‘unsubscribe’ link nestled somewhere in the content–usually at the bottom.

Sony, however, does not provide that option. Thus, they join the ranks of other organisations that enact barriers towards the mere act of unsubscribing out of their promotional content.

This is Sony and you will receive our messages until you unsubscribe our way.

No matter. I will follow their instructions. How hard can it be to log in to my profile and clear a checkbox?

You have to trust me on this. I logged in to find out that I am not subscribed to the Sony eNewsletter. Do I subscribe, and unsubscribe again?

Okay. A barrier. I will now find an email address and send a request for them to opt me out of everything.

No luck here. I will use their contact form.

No luck with securing an address. Understandably, Sony may wish to avoid spammers themselves by not openly stating an email address for harvesters. I see a contact form though. Clicking that brought me here:

Where’s the form? Trying it with Chrome’s Incognito mode and Microsoft Edge shows me “Other Sony Contacts” too.

I am this close to setting a rule that marks incoming mails from as spam. I might just do that. For now, deletion will do.

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