Oversized name cards or mini handouts?

Every so often, I organise my stash of name cards accrued over the years. As the life of my 2007 Honda Jazz draws ever closer to its last breath–determined by the remaining months that I am entitled to sit behind its wheel–I had been receiving name cards from car salespeople who plaster them across my windscreen or wedge them behind my wipers.

I should use “salesmen” because the cards all featured names of men.

Anyway, I organise my name cards every so often when I remember that people still give pieces of card stock with alphabets and numbers printed on them.

I picked up a yellow thing–that you see in the picture. Because I cannot fit this into my name card organiser, I tossed it away.

I took the opportunity to also thumb through my cards. I cannot decide whether a card that is 3 times as thick as the average card is a good thing or not. Words like “extravagant” and “wasteful” came to mind. No matter, the thick card arrested my attention for a good 5 seconds before I closed the box.

I don’t remember who or what was written on the card; only that I now know the storage capacity of my name card organiser is lowered because one company decided their employees must possess cards thicker than the average.

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