Be Articulate

Call it a side effect or by-product of working in the accessibility field: I really appreciate when speakers articulate their thoughts in a pristine manner, choose their words carefully, and enunciate at a steady and humane pace.

If you have any opportunity to present yourself on stage, or get the spotlight in a webinar, you owe it to the listeners and participants–who are shackled to your word–to speak clearly. Far too many do no justice to the very act of speaking. If time is not on your side, rehearse your speech ahead of time so you don’t end up blowing the top off your verbal volcano and raining grammatical destruction on us poor listeners.

When I finish my degree this year, I shall start a Speak Better club. While not a particularly fine name for a business, it’ll do. I charge $300 an hour. I will listen to your speech, talk, discussion, debate, or rambling, and give you pointers on improvement. Through the 1-on-1 sessions, I aim to eventually have you drop filler words. Ultimately, you will end my sessions with the sensation that you will one day be a world-class speaker.

Is $300/hour much too high? Perhaps. Is there immense value however, in being able to deliver a speech so clean and smooth that listeners hang onto your every word. Wouldn’t it be nice to radiate a commanding aura as you move your lips and give a talk on saving the prawns?

So, come. Join my Speak Better club. Standalone sessions are $300/hour. Book me for 20 hours at only $5000. I will listen to you talk about anything. However, I will be blunt and point out every filler word, stutter, and repetition.

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