Mum Knows Better

My mother is the strongest woman I know. She did all household chores and ran the house like clockwork. My mother ensured my father, sister, and I had fresh supplies of clothes everyday, rain or shine. She was a splendid cook, and a strict disciplinarian. Things got done. Throughout the years, she taught my sister… Continue reading Mum Knows Better

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Salads: Adventures In Green

I have been eating salads for lunch for about a month now. Why? You ask. Go Green Healthier diet Get fruits into my system Save time by not travelling for lunch Eat a healthier meal without the need to cook Improve my knife chopping skills during food prep Salads are really simple to create. Let… Continue reading Salads: Adventures In Green

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This Is Your Year’s Reading

The year will bring good health and wealth to those who move with open eyes. Opportunities abound. But, you must take care to speak the truth. Tread with caution and work with good people in your organisation. Be confident in your words and do not falter in speech or posture.

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