Why Study Sociology With Communication At SUSS?

Over the years, people have told me to get a degree. I resisted because I did not have the money yet to pay for my own part-time studies. Shortly after finishing my two years of national service, my Dad wanted to pay for my studies but I declined. I knew then that I would have wasted his money because I just did not have the heart for it. I was also incredibly lazy. I still am, to a large degree (ha ha ha).

That mentality stuck with me for many years. I figured, if I was not studying in school, I had better not lag behind in the real world. So I took to reading broadly. I could at least read, so why not? Still, friends and relatives would ask me if I have considered studying for a degree.

I entertained the thought of part-time studies at SUSS in 2017, then again in the tail end of 2018 and enrolled just one day before application closed to make it for the 2019 January Semester.

This was an easy decision to make since I knew what courses I had no interest in. I boiled them down to three choices:

  1. Communication
  2. Psychology
  3. Sociology

Psychology as a major felt too deep for me. Though I have keen interest in understanding the deep, inner psyche of human beings and their workings at a biological and fundamental level, I wanted something broader. The higher the abstraction, the better.

Communication did not pull me in as deeply as Psychology. Going through its module listing, I spotted several useful courses. However, much of Communication did not interest me.

What got me instead was Sociology as it studied the broad patterns of human beings, social interactions, and change. Even better, I see Sociology as a field and tool to explain global phenomena. I enjoyed reading up on sociological perspectives and it made sense to me.

So in the end, I chose: BA Sociology with Communication.

I wanted to solve human problems. So I look to Sociology to provide answers. To articulate its findings, I look to Communication to do just that.

Thus far, I am still having fun in school. I look forward to class participation. I only wish that more students would speak up in the classroom. I am certain there are students who have not yet shared insightful material from their lives.

If you see me, say hi yeah? 🙂