Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

Every so often, commoners like me and The Girlfriend dream of dining at a posh place. We imagined an upscale restaurant with fancy ivory chairs, mood lighting from fireflies encased in steel lanterns, crackly jazz music from the 60s played over a hand-cranked gramophone, and people dressed in tees and jeans–Singaporeans are realistic, okay? And… Continue reading Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

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BlooiE’s Roadhouse

Located at The Rail Mall, BlooiE’s Roadhouse is a bar and a restaurant serving food of the grilled and fried variety. The Girlfriend and I patronised its premises some time ago. We sat outside and downed beverages that would make people spill state secrets if they drank one too many. I had remembered the place… Continue reading BlooiE’s Roadhouse

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Salads: Adventures In Green

I have been eating salads for lunch for about a month now. Why? You ask. Go Green Healthier diet Get fruits into my system Save time by not travelling for lunch Eat a healthier meal without the need to cook Improve my knife chopping skills during food prep Salads are really simple to create. Let… Continue reading Salads: Adventures In Green

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