A Future Of Automation

Automation and its effects have fascinated me ever since I came across the concept years ago. I saw gradual implementation of technology across the various sectors over the years. In the early 2010s, I worked at Somerset and 313@Somerset was a usual lunchtime haunt for workers around the area. One day, I spotted several touchscreen… Continue reading A Future Of Automation

My First SUSS Timed Online Assessment (TOA) for SSC211

I have long clamoured to take an examination through digital means. I absolutely detest putting pen to paper and cannot stand my writing being unable to keep up with my thoughts. Furthermore, my handwriting is absolutely terrible. If I was the marker, I’d curse me and all 18 generations of my family.

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Potential Site Downtime

It turns out, I will have to migrate my site. Please bear with me as I perform the migration on my own. It’ll be a fun learning experience at least. On second thoughts, I’ve decided that I should not migrate. It turns out that I renewed my hosting plan with my current web host for… Continue reading Potential Site Downtime

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