My First SUSS Timed Online Assessment (TOA) for SSC211

I have long clamoured to take an examination through digital means. I absolutely detest putting pen to paper and cannot stand my writing being unable to keep up with my thoughts. Furthermore, my handwriting is absolutely terrible. If I was the marker, I’d curse me and all 18 generations of my family.

But this post is not about my handwriting nor generational curses. This is about my first digital, online exam this 13 May, 2020. Instructions were given to students weeks in advance. We were to log onto Canvas (a student portal software) and download our exam papers released at specific timings. My exam was due to start at 4pm. I subsequently logged on at 3.55pm with no issues.

I especially enjoyed taking an exam in the comfort of my own room while streaming Jazz music on YouTube. It was a wonderful experience. Some day, I should try listening to classical music to eke an extra point or two.

Exams are usually two hours long. But, I suppose with Covid and the uncertainties of technology, SUSS gave a relatively generous time extension. We were given 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete our exam questions. Also, despite the TOA being open-book with students being able to also reference online material, my experience has largely been close-minded instead. Last hour revisions certainly helped. And so I found myself hammering out the content and submitting my paper three times. I also had time to edit and rework phrases.

I hope TOA is here to stay. I do not mind going back to SUSS and taking the exam within the confines of a hall. But, at least let me type! I will do anything not to write. Anything!