I finished the Proraso shaving cream

I purchased the Proraso shaving cream on the 16th of July, 2019 from Lazada and finally finished the 150ml tube nearly 3 years later. If you are a double edge wet shaver like me, I heartily recommend the Proraso shaving cream. I get to hopefully earn if you purchase from this affiliate link. 🙂

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Be Articulate

Call it a side effect or by-product of working in the accessibility field: I really appreciate when speakers articulate their thoughts in a pristine manner, choose their words carefully, and enunciate at a steady and humane pace.

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Useful meaningful lifehacks for great utilitarian purposes

Every so often, you come across something that eases your way around life. “Lifehacks”, as they call it, are tips and tricks to make the things we do easier. Anything that makes a task easier is always good in my eyes. So, this post is dedicated to sharing lifehacks that can be articulated. 18% of… Continue reading Useful meaningful lifehacks for great utilitarian purposes