Human beings are complex creatures

Having been in a ‘people business’ for quite some time now, I reckon that a particular observation should be fact (if it isn’t already obvious) and bears mentioning:

If one person is angry at you, maybe that anger was misconstrued.
If two are angry? There’s still the chance that such anger was misdirected.
But, when several people cut ties with you and more doing so over time, shouldn’t this signal something? And what is that? That you lack self-awareness. The problem is you.

Possessing a certain level of self-awareness goes a long way towards social harmony with the self and others. People who lack self-awareness harm others. Such people can never do wrong. Others are always at fault instead. It’s really, really difficult to talk to people who possess the trait at near-non-existent levels.

Finally, some may know that I don’t particularly enjoy managing people. Human beings are infinitely complex individuals. But I think the time is coming where really hard but necessary decisions must be made.

This unsettles me greatly.

I wouldn’t imagine that I am a leader in any manner of the word. Yet, when the needs of the community outweigh that of one, I suppose things just must be done. Things are getting done; and they will be done! It all just takes time (a line that all too many are tired of hearing now, I know). But, bear with me!

In other news, while I am no longer a notetaker, I appreciate the trust (and appreciation!) that the community still has in me–in asking that I render service even after a 2 year ‘absence’. Just this past week, I got back to typing. I certainly can’t perform like my past self, but I wouldn’t imagine I’ve ‘lost it’ either. I’m giving my best still!

Aaaaand, that’s my mid-December rant. 😄
P.S. For my vast number of fans that I can count on one hand, I’ll write more. I promise!


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