When 11.55PM Strikes

It’s official. My second final semester has ended. For SUSS students, there is no feeling in the world like seeing your analog clock strike 5 minutes before midnight, reading 11:55 on the digital display, or seeing that number on your taskbar. The deadline for your assignment is well, truly, deadly, over. But I cannot rejoice, for it is late and I would have slept shortly after.

Now, I have 2 months worth of free time until my final semester starts in January 2022. If all goes well, I am on track to completing my Degree in Sociology with Communication. Meanwhile, I am already looking forward to the modules that I would hopefully secure for my final semester:

  • SOC363 Social Gerontology
  • COM256 Writing For Online News
  • PSY353 Positive Psychology

So, what do I do now until the next semester starts?

Catch up on my non-academic reading–that’s what. There are far too many books that I am reading and marked as “to-read”, “want to read”, “must read”, “read these” and all manner of what-have-yous. I’m currently engrossed in “Learning Statistics With Jamovi“. Grab the free PDF at the link! It’s a wonderful resource and accessible primer to learning about statistics and conducting data analyses with Jamovi, a free and open-source statistical analysis software. It helps that the author has a style of humour in line with my tastes. Yum.

I’m also backlogged on many posts. I do suppose this is one of my bad habits: Starting something and not seeing it through. I need to work at it and finish my posts along with a bazillion other things that I want to do.

In an upcoming post, I want to share about my (part-time) student experience at SUSS. Having gone through a year of school before and through COVID did allow me to see the stark contrast in how courses were conducted. I am spoiled now and never want online learning to go away. Though, there is still something to be said for physical classes. Interactions just aren’t the same. Till then!

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