Agency and freedom of opinion

Isn’t it intriguing that healthy folks can exercise their freedom and choose to reject vaccines? Yet, there are others who are allergic or experience adverse effects; these vulnerable people wish to be vaccinated, yet cannot do so.

Where do we draw the line and prioritise collective safety over individual agency?

The boat to close our borders sailed a (long) time ago. We are sorely in damage control now. I hope our healthcare system never comes close to a tipping point where it initiates a collapse.

It is saddening to hear of the discrimination against healthcare workers.

It is disheartening to hear anti-science sentiments and learn of the vulnerability of societies so splintered by citizen opinion vs knowledge.

It is entirely possible that Covid-19 turns endemic. Singapore can now really only swing one of two ways: Society is further fragmented by citizens who seek to push divisive agendas; or, citizens mend the social fabric, exercise great restraint, and strive towards normalcy no matter how dire the situation.

The former yields to populism and breeds demagogues. The latter calls for resilience and lays the foundation for long-term survival.

I only hope we know better.

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