My first terrarium

Just this past Sunday, my colleagues put together an appreciation programme for the Community Interpreters. Regardless of whether you live in a terrarium or ecosphere, you probably already know what one is. So, let me present my terrarium to you after attending a Virtual Terrarium Workshop conducted by Ricky Lim from The Green Capsule.

You start off with the building blocks: Soil, pebbles, and plants.

These are not to be taken orally.

Next, you follow the careful guidance by your workshop organiser. You should end up with a layer of soil for your plants.

This is not dessert.

Then you place the plant, moss, and figurine.

Terrarium with opened lid.

And you call it a day.

I hold the life of micro-organisms in my hand, in a jar.

I opted to keep the terrarium enclosed with the rubber seal on. Sufficient condensation formed inside the jar, indicating that my closed system should do fine. I will need to monitor the terrarium though. Though it’s a self-sustaining system, intervention is needed.

Here’s hoping that my terrarium cuts global temperature by one degree celsius. I know it is a lofty goal. But, one can always dream. Right?

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