We Should Actually Stop Saying “Actually”

Nary a day goes by without hearing someone say “actually”. Actually, “actually” is a powerful word when used at the right time and especially when used sparingly. I’d go so far as to say that it should only be used once in a long while. Now, I don’t have a good gauge of how long one should go without using “actually”. But, actually, maybe I do.

Try this: Go one full day without saying “actually”. Be actually conscious about it. It’s actually not that hard. Do this for days, then weeks at a stretch without saying “actually”, or in your writing.

Then, realise that people who say “actually” while presenting and speaking, do so wantonly. Next, start to feel grated whenever anyone says “actually” twice in a sentence. Finally, wish that people would not pepper their speeches with filler words.

What have I done.