Understanding Python, Django, Matplotlib, Pandas, and gspread

I’ve always wanted to pick up the Python programming language and use Django for creating web apps. As Circuit Breaker (CB) measures began, I took the opportunity to do just that. It’s been about three weeks and I can declare that I have a better understanding of Python. However, I still need more time to wrap my head around Django as I came from PHP and Laravel.

Rather than thump the table in agony and thrawl through docs and tutorials to port my Laravel site onto Django, I decided to head down the Data Analytics pathway instead to solve my organisation’s problems. Many months ago, I explored Pandas and Gspread to attempt some automation on the Google Sheets I use for work. I failed to understand the authentication methods Google imposed on users. This, I must solve to make headway into automation efforts.

Still, I made much progress during the CB period. Picking up Matplotlib allowed me to churn some graphs. My plan is to write Python scripts to download a bunch of GSheets and have Pandas slice and splice them into clean dataframes for analysis and output useful graphs. Over the next few weeks, I will analyse organisational data.

I have my work cut out for me. Stay safe in the meantime!