Mum Knows Better

My mother is the strongest woman I know.

She did all household chores and ran the house like clockwork. My mother ensured my father, sister, and I had fresh supplies of clothes everyday, rain or shine. She was a splendid cook, and a strict disciplinarian. Things got done.

My mum quite literally kept the home from falling apart.

Throughout the years, she taught my sister and I to do specific things. Sometimes, she instructed us. Other times, she would nag. “Don’t do that”, she would say. And I would do just that, to her dismay.

Still, she had a reason for every action. My mother dispensed practical tips for life and I practised them till today. It was a motherly kind of wisdom honed without any tutorial, guide, or rulebook. Afterall, she belonged to a generation who believed that hard work was everything. If she could build a house herself, she would.

In those days, knowledge was passed on from one person to another. And as best as I can remember, these were her lessons:

  • Focus while walking
  • Work and study harder
  • Check, then check again
  • If it fails, try fixing it first
  • Be proud of your strengths
  • Be early rather than on time
  • Do not stomp on the ground
  • Figure it out before giving up
  • Look both ways before crossing
  • Do not forget your water bottle
  • Do it yourself whenever you can
  • Go to bed early, on time, and often
  • Close the windows when you leave
  • Carry an umbrella wherever you go
  • Seek alternatives when you are stuck
  • Check your belongings before you leave
  • Turn off the lights when you exit the room