You Should Stop Saying These

A good part of living involves listening to people talk. It is however, not easy to speak well. Talking is communication, and it is a fundamental skill for everyone.

People who talk as fast as they think often say a lot of fluff words. They end up saying nothing worthy. So, here are some words and phrases you should stop uttering immediately:

  • Err
  • Ehh
  • Erm
  • Uhh
  • I mean
  • Actually
  • You know
  • In terms of
  • But the thing is that
  • So let’s say for example
  • What I want to say is that
  • So if you take a look at this thing right here
  • Err, so if you take a look at this thing right here, ehh, actually, you know, so let’s say for example, erm, I mean in terms of, uhh, what I want to say is that

Drop the filler words. Say “Actually” once. Think before you speak, and speak slowly. It is okay to pause as long as you need. This is not a race–unless you call 995 while your house is literally burning down.

You had better speak clearly, calmly and concisely then. These 3 Cs might just save your 5 Cs.