This Is Your Year’s Reading

The year will bring good health and wealth to those who move with open eyes. Opportunities abound. But, you must take care to speak the truth. Tread with caution and work with good people in your organisation. Be confident in your words and do not falter in speech or posture.

Watch your diet. Eat more vegetables and drink more water to maintain a healthy state of mind and body. It is never too late to start exercising. Reduce the number of cigarettes and stop smoking if you can. There is a high chance to prolong your life if you stop smoking by the next three months. Carry a water bottle wherever you go and don’t forget to drink only water from it.

Career advancements are in order for those who are able to broaden their expertise. This is the year to put in the hours to work harder and smarter; Harmony can be found only when both qualities exist. Read widely to sharpen your mental acuity. Translate knowledge into words, words into stories, and stories into influence.

This is the year to push your limits and transcend yourself in mind, body and soul. Every step not taken is a path not explored. There is great potential in the unknown. But, you must first acknowledge the risks, then move bravely forward. At worst, you find out your limits. At best, you discover great capability and unleash greater potential.

This is your year. Avoid stagnation.

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