A Brave Viral Decision

With the Wuhan virus seemingly infecting and killing people far from the epicenter, it might be wise to halt all travel plans for this Chinese Lunar New Year. But, it is a difficult decision for the Chinese all over the world.

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SSC211: Social Science Research Methods

This is a tough course. I have never conducted social science research nor used its methods for research projects of any sort in recent years. In the first week, we covered the three different social science research perspectives: Positivist: Science is value-free. Data is out there, and objectivity is key. Interpretive: Data is observed, bracketed… Continue reading SSC211: Social Science Research Methods

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Mum Knows Better

My mother is the strongest woman I know. She did all household chores and ran the house like clockwork. My mother ensured my father, sister, and I had fresh supplies of clothes everyday, rain or shine. She was a splendid cook, and a strict disciplinarian. Things got done. Throughout the years, she taught my sister… Continue reading Mum Knows Better

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Ip Man 4

Ip Man 4 is what a movie looks like when you write a script with blood alchohol levels through the roof, then weave Donnie into the plot and call it a “Finale”. Save your money, unless you want to expose yourself to some of the cringiest lines ever spoken in the history of cinema while… Continue reading Ip Man 4