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Potential Site Downtime

It turns out, I will have to migrate my site. Please bear with me as I perform the migration on my own. It’ll be a fun learning experience at least.

On second thoughts, I’ve decided that I should not migrate. It turns out that I renewed my hosting plan with my current web host for a year, and I did so only last month. In the meantime, I have my work cut out for me in figuring out Docker with the LEMP stack with WordPress.

I will be migrating my site to a new webhost in the upcoming week or so. Please bear with me. My site might go down or posts go missing. Hopefully, the migration goes well and I don’t lose my posts.

The Bluetooth ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard Needs A NumPad

Lenovo released this video showcasing the latest (second) version of their much loved Bluetooth Trackpoint Keyboard. I own the first version and let me tell you: Typing on the keyboard is pure joy.

I wish Lenovo would release a version with an attached numpad though. I know the number crunchers out there would take to it like flies to a lightbulb–or not, because of the TrackPoint. One could always, also, use it with an external mouse.

Now, it is no secret that I am a devout user of the venerable red dot. Not having to lift your fingers off to move your cursor is really wonderful. I imagine the device extends the lifespan of my wrist and elbows by many more years too.

Lenovo, if you release a model with the numpad included, I will gladly buy it for SGD$219. I can only part with that much for a wireless keyboard. Please make it happen!

SOC301 – TMA02: Durkheim’s Moral Remaking (Sociological Theories and Perspectives)

Social gatherings consist of people coming together for a purpose. These scenarios often contain symbolic markers that streamline human action and behaviour while channeling attendees towards common goals. In Durkheim’s seminal book, “The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life”, he draws parallels between religion and society, theorising that the former unifies people through ritualistic behaviours just as similar actions are found in the latter with the goal of moral remaking as a continual process (as cited in Appelrouth & Edles, 2015, pp. 122-124; Durkheim, 2008). This paper will examine the traits and functions of religion and social gatherings through the lens of Durkheim’s theories on social beliefs and rituals. In doing so, I hope to identify communal characteristics between religious and social settings, uncover the degree of success in the different scenarios, and analyse whether some settings are more effective than others in the moral remaking process.

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SOC207 – TMA02: Transnational Ethnicity, Refugees, and Forced Migration (Social Stratification)

This paper will examine the perilous effects of transnationalism and forced migration on the Rohingyas and Uighurs. It is imperative that their histories are laid out first, with ethnicity, religion, language, and identity established so as to cement the Rohingya and Uighur people as first-class citizens while highlighting their plight. We will then inspect transnationalism as a multi-faceted concept and operationalise its broad definitions with heightened focus on the migratory and political aspects. Along the way, we will uncover how governments weaponised ethnicity, identity, religion, and language to discriminate against and displace the Rohingya and Uighur people from homes, and more importantly, their host nations. In doing so, the paper hopes to shed light on the disparate effects that transnationalism contains for different ethnicities and people.

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Exposing The Essentials During A Global Pandemic

It’s been a while. The “Wuhan” virus, now known as Covid-19, or SARS-CoV-2 is now a global pandemic (“WHO Director-General’s opening remarks”, 2020). Some countries have closed their borders, limiting international travel, and ordered businesses to shut down.

While Singapore was one of the first countries to be struck by the virus, our response was swift. Contact tracing and temperature screening were the two strategies to track down Covid-19 suspects. Individuals received Leave of Absence, and Stay Home Notices. The message was clear: Stay Home.

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