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Sensodyne Repair And Protect Toothpaste

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I suffered from regular whiteheads around my lips and chin for many years. They rear their little white bumps at night and grow up to be full white heads in the morning. Seeing them in the mirror after I wake up annoyed me, on top of having to purchase skincare products to combat a seemingly persistent issue.

I decided that there had to be a cause and looked at the potential reasons:

  1. Poor diet
  2. Going to bed late
  3. Insufficient sleep
  4. Poor sleep quality
  5. Inconsistent sleeping hours
  6. Dirty pillow/bed sheets
  7. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  8. Skincare products
  9. Using three-bladed disposable razors
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Dinner At A&W Jewel Changi Airport

I touched down at Changi Airport after a 5-day Bali Holiday that I will call a Baliday–I must steal this term and unsheath it again in another post–with the GF. Only kidding, there is no way I can steal my own work.

Now, do you remember the social media posts talking about the crowds queueing for A&W Jewel Changi Airport?

I don’t.

Still, we checked it out because, why not? There were no crowds on a Wednesday afternoon before 5pm anyway. Besides, where else can you drink (Root) Beer served straight from the tap into frosty mugs by teenagers without wanting to call the cops on them?

A mug of A&W Root Beer

We were here for dinner. So it was two sets of the Marina Fish Burger.

The A&W Marina Fish Burger

If you close your eyes while chewing on the Marina, you would be forgiven for thinking you were at McDonald’s, having their Fish Fillet instead. I forgive you, at least.

I asked the GF to rate the meal between a 0 and 1. She rates it a “W”.

Ip Man 4

Ip Man 4 is what a movie looks like when you write a script with blood alchohol levels through the roof, then weave Donnie into the plot and call it a “Finale”.

Save your money, unless you want to expose yourself to some of the cringiest lines ever spoken in the history of cinema while seeing an Asian beat up Americans.

I give Ip Man 4 a 4 out of Never.

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