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Eliminate Verbal Haze

After writing a piece, I often eliminate words and restructure passages. I believe everyone should cultivate a habit of relentlessly removing redundant words. If you think that you write too much, you just might. This is regardless of how skilled of a wordsmith you are.

Over time, I compiled a list of common phrases that people pepper their speeches with. Such phrases can and do find their way into writing. Your speech probably wasn’t clear enough initially if you blurt them out or commit the cardinal sin of chaining them together:

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Mum Knows Better

My mother is the strongest woman I know.

She did all household chores and ran the house like clockwork. My mother ensured my father, sister and I had fresh supplies of clothes everyday, rain or shine. She was a splendid cook too.

Throughout the years, she taught us to do certain things. Sometimes, she instructed us. Other times, she would nag. “Don’t do that”, she would say. And I would do just that, to her dismay.

Still, she had a reason for every action. My mother dispensed practical tips for life and I practised them till today. It was a motherly kind of wisdom honed without any tutorial, guide or rulebook. Afterall, she belonged to a generation who believed that hard work was everything. If she could do something herself, you bet that she would.

In those days, knowledge was passed on from one person to another. And as best as I can remember, these were her lessons:

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How To Be A Multipotentialite: A Practical Guide

I struggle to answer people when they ask me what I do. Over the years however, I have gotten better at responding in fewer words. Though I hold a day job, I like to think of myself as a person capable of doing many more things at a fairly competent level.

However, when people ask what you do, they are not expecting your laundry list of competencies and achievements. Instead, they want to know what you do for a living.

The budding Multipotentialite in me yearns to burst forth and shine the brightest light on myself. I am more than a mere job title and I do many things! Indeed, we are. Indeed, we do.

So, if you think like me, you might just be a Multipotentialite.

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