Hello. My name is Wei Yong. I currently study Sociology with Communication at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) as a part-time student from the FY19/Jan batch.

When I’m not studying at night, I lead a team of Sign Language Interpreters and Notetakers at The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf). I also look into processes and strive to improve the tiniest of things.

You can find me at Deaf Access Services (DAS) department.

I started this site for the following reasons:

  • Write
  • Improve my writing
  • Explore long-form writing
  • Strengthen my writing voice
  • Express my ideas with greater clarity
  • Synthesise thoughts, ideas and speech into words
  • To acknowledge what others see in me as a writer, and to fulfill the capacity for great, unlimited potential
  • Allow me free rein to explore the great complexity of life, its associated problems and generate critical discussion
  • To be a multi-gazillionaire. Surely I can dream?

I aim to also scratch my Generalist/Multipotentialite itch by penning my thoughts down, and in turn, wish that you–the reader–will find joy, solace, hope and motivation to tackle personal or societal ills–one word at a time.

I also wish to impress upon readers that writing is an iterative and continuous process. A piece is only finished when no more words can be removed, every word is as precise as possible with clarity of meaning that leaves no room for misinterpretation.

Thus, all posts on my site will undergo continual edits until the effort taken to improve my writing outweighs any perceived gains. In doing so, you may stumble upon uncompleted passages, disjointed phrases and sloppy wording. That is perfectly normal. I will also continue to edit posts long after they are published–Please do not be alarmed.

Above all, I am not a food or travel blogger. I eat to live. If I don’t die from eating, then the food is good enough.