COM203 – TMA02 (Visual Texts and Communication)

a) Creative director of Droga5, Ariella Gogol (2017) crafted an advertising campaign for CoverGirl with the tagline “I am what I make up”. In one ad, Maye Musk is featured alongside the “Simply Ageless” makeup line that is marketed to women wishing to fight the “signs of aging” (Simply ageless makeup, n.d.). Her age is… Continue reading COM203 – TMA02 (Visual Texts and Communication)

COM302 – TMA02 (Corporate Communication)

The National Gallery Singapore (NGS) is an art museum that houses “the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian modern art” (About the Gallery, n.d.). As a public institution, it is open to residents and nationals in Singapore and tourists. While the gallery receives public funding and donations, it also charges admission fees;… Continue reading COM302 – TMA02 (Corporate Communication)