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Month: September 2020

Back Pain No More

I am well. The back pain is no more. On a related note, the mozzies are still buzzing around. At this point, I am certain that my body is a beacon for mozzies to gather. I keep the residents of Yishun safe, to some degree.

A Different Back Pain

I woke up this morning in bed with a mild back ache–the sort that signals to me that I have officially breached the midway point of my thirties. For many months now since I started working from home, I’ve sat on a four-legged plastic chair in my office-room. The ergonomic police would arrest me if they ever saw my chair. Still, I plonked a blanket to cushion my bottom; That has to account for something, right?

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Everyone A Handy One

In March 2018, I purchased a Bosch 12 volt brushless impact driver. I must have harboured thoughts of busting it out to perform reparations and upgrades around the home then. It however laid dormant in my toolbox until just days ago when my mum purchased two sets of new wall mounts.

The task then was to replace our rusted mounts in the kitchen and inside the toilet that each held aluminium poles for which clothes would then be hung on. The impact driver made little work of driving out the rusted screws and putting new ones in. I could use a manual screwdriver. But hey, I had a cordless tool and I had to use it.

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Movie Review: Tenet

Tenet is a film for Christopher Nolan fans. And for people who love movies that delve into time travel, time manipulation, and time distortion. However, this time, it’s really about time. Though, Tenet is not so much about time travel as it is about experiencing timelines in parallel: Forwards and backwards, at the same time. It’s high time someone made a film about not-time travel but time itself. Time and again, we see the tropes fleshed out on the screen. This time, it’s different. Or is it more of the same?

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