After many years, I finally spilled coffee on the right side of my T460 keyboard. The laptop carried on like nothing happened. Lenovo weren’t kidding when they claimed that the ThinkPad laptops are life-resistant. Or, I made that up.

The gunky and gummy feel of the keys irked me enough. I had to clean them. Removing the keyboard from the laptop was a painless affair. I soaked it in soapy water and rinsed the keyboard with warm water. Here’s hoping that it works after drying overnight.

ThinkPad T460 keyboard submerged in soapy water. Or, a stupid decision.

Day two. I dried the keyboard overnight and subjected it to fifteen minutes of warm air from a hair dryer. After connecting it to the laptop and turning it on, the mouse cursor jumps all over the screen. The keys do not work. All hopes are dashed as I suspect leftover moisture killed the keyboard. I am letting the keyboard dry further in front of a fan.

I am now typing on my dusty ol’ Logitech keyboard and Wireless mouse. The typing experience is horrendous. But, I’ll get used to it.

Meanwhile, I have ordered a new T460 (FRU: 01AX310) keyboard from Aliexpress. All’s good.

Day two. I ordered the Mr McKenic Contact Cleaner & Lubricant spray. I sprayed it on the exposed keyboard electronics. After drying and connecting the keyboard to the laptop, only the Trackpoint works. However, it seems the keyboard is dead. My heart aches. I hope my replacement keyboard comes soon.

What is the lesson learned here? Do not drink coffee. It gives you heart palpitations. If you have to drink, do so in moderation. Don’t drink and drive.

Day eleven: The replacement keyboard from the Aliexpress seller arrived. However, it is not the original model. The typing feel is different. The backlight is uneven. The key-feel is uneven. The spacebar does not trigger each time. I am updating this post on my wired TrackPoint keyboard. My attempt to purchase an original replacement 01AX310 model keyboard from Lenovo’s website fails. Lenovo blocks me from making an international purchase under USD$200.

I sent an email to them requesting assistance. Meanwhile, I will hunt for local sellers who hopefully stock the 01AX310 model. This laptop keyboard is really in a class of its own.