Understanding The Covid-19 Pandemic Through Sociological Lenses

Citizens worldwide are experiencing a biological event like no other. Termed Covid-19, this coronavirus claimed over ten million lives worldwide. Well before the World Health Organisation classed Covid-19 as a pandemic, scientists were already racing to triangulate its symptoms and determine its transmissibility (World Health Organization, 2020). Today, science and technology equip biologists and virologists… Continue reading Understanding The Covid-19 Pandemic Through Sociological Lenses

Susan Pinker: The Gender Gap

As I get ready to study gender issues this term, psychologist Susan Pinker is on hand to inform us that males are fragile. If the slides and data are any indication, men are on track to being extinct in some far future.

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Eliminate Verbal Haze

After writing a piece, I often eliminate words and restructure passages. I believe everyone should cultivate a habit of relentlessly removing redundant words. If you think that you write too much, you just might. This is regardless of how skilled of a wordsmith you are. Over time, I compiled a list of common phrases that… Continue reading Eliminate Verbal Haze

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Coffee Meets Keyboard

Ever since Man discovered fire, Man discovered coffee. And for as long as Man lived, rituals existed. Subsequently, Man discovered the ritualistic art of hot coffee over a smouldering fire. And like his ancestors of centuries past, the modern Man of today engages in the same rituals. For many, including myself, there is a morning… Continue reading Coffee Meets Keyboard

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