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Month: May 2020

A Future Of Automation

Automation and its effects have fascinated me ever since I came across the concept years ago. I saw gradual implementation of technology across the various sectors over the years. In the early 2010s, I worked as a Corporate Customer Service Executive for a local telco. 313@Somerset was a usual lunchtime haunt. One day, I spotted several touchscreen machines in a Yoshinoya outlet.

It was right there and then, I told myself that we would see touchscreen machines in fast food restaurant across the nation.

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Potential Site Downtime

It turns out, I will have to migrate my site. Please bear with me as I perform the migration on my own. It’ll be a fun learning experience at least.

On second thoughts, I’ve decided that I should not migrate. It turns out that I renewed my hosting plan with my current web host for a year, and I did so only last month. In the meantime, I have my work cut out for me in figuring out Docker with the LEMP stack with WordPress.

I will be migrating my site to a new webhost in the upcoming week or so. Please bear with me. My site might go down or posts go missing. Hopefully, the migration goes well and I don’t lose my posts.

The Bluetooth ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard Needs A NumPad

Lenovo released this video showcasing the latest (second) version of their much loved Bluetooth Trackpoint Keyboard. I own the first version and let me tell you: Typing on the keyboard is pure joy.

I wish Lenovo would release a version with an attached numpad though. I know the number crunchers out there would take to it like flies to a lightbulb–or not, because of the TrackPoint. One could always, also, use it with an external mouse.

Now, it is no secret that I am a devout user of the venerable red dot. Not having to lift your fingers off to move your cursor is really wonderful. I imagine the device extends the lifespan of my wrist and elbows by many more years too.

Lenovo, if you release a model with the numpad included, I will gladly buy it for SGD$219. I can only part with that much for a wireless keyboard. Please make it happen!

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