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SSC211: Social Science Research Methods

This is a tough course. I have never conducted social science research nor used its methods for research projects of any sort in recent years.

In the first week, we covered the three different social science research perspectives:

  1. Positivist: Science is value-free. Data is out there, and objectivity is key.
  2. Interpretive: Data is observed, bracketed and context-specific. Understanding phenomena requires that you take in the surrounding information to make sense of what you see.
  3. Critical: Both Positivist and Interpretive methods and views are used. Information gained is fed back into the loop.

COM103 – Discourse: Critique and Evaluation

My first Thursday class started off just fine. I learnt that most students just started their first year of studies. For many, it was their first class too and I am glad that they took COM103. This module is too critical to pass up and too important to leave for one’s later years.

The concepts: Pathos, Ethos and Logos will be key in understanding and dissecting statements and arguments. I learnt of these concepts through general reading and in COM101 last year. Occasionally, I struggle to remember their definitions. So, I developed the following:

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Mum Knows Better

My mother is the strongest woman I know.

She did all household chores and ran the house like clockwork. My mother ensured my father, sister and I had fresh supplies of clothes everyday, rain or shine. She was a splendid cook too.

Throughout the years, she taught us to do certain things. Sometimes, she instructed us. Other times, she would nag. “Don’t do that”, she would say. And I would do just that, to her dismay.

Still, she had a reason for every action. My mother dispensed practical tips for life and I practised them till today. It was a motherly kind of wisdom honed without any tutorial, guide or rulebook. Afterall, she belonged to a generation who believed that hard work was everything. If she could do something herself, you bet that she would.

In those days, knowledge was passed on from one person to another. And as best as I can remember, these were her lessons:

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Dinner At A&W Jewel Changi Airport

I touched down at Changi Airport after a 5-day Bali Holiday that I will call a Baliday–I must steal this term and unsheath it again in another post–with the GF. Only kidding, there is no way I can steal my own work.

Now, do you remember the social media posts talking about the crowds queueing for A&W Jewel Changi Airport?

I don’t.

Still, we checked it out because, why not? There were no crowds on a Wednesday afternoon before 5pm anyway. Besides, where else can you drink (Root) Beer served straight from the tap into frosty mugs by teenagers without wanting to call the cops on them?

A mug of A&W Root Beer

We were here for dinner. So it was two sets of the Marina Fish Burger.

The A&W Marina Fish Burger

If you close your eyes while chewing on the Marina, you would be forgiven for thinking you were at McDonald’s, having their Fish Fillet instead. I forgive you, at least.

I asked the GF to rate the meal between a 0 and 1. She rates it a “W”.

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