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We Should Actually Stop Saying “Actually”

Nary a day goes by without hearing someone say “actually”. Actually, “actually” is a powerful word when used at the right time and especially when used sparingly. I’d go so far as to say that it should only be used once in a long while. Now, I don’t have a good gauge of how long one should go without using ‘actually’. But, actually, maybe I do.

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COM203 – TMA02 (Visual Texts and Communication)

a) Creative director of Droga5, Ariella Gogol (2017) crafted an advertising campaign for CoverGirl with the tagline “I am what I make up”. In one ad, Maye Musk is featured alongside the “Simply Ageless” makeup line that is marketed to women wishing to fight the “signs of aging” (Simply ageless makeup, n.d.). Her age is openly stated as “69 Years Young”.

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COM302 – TMA02 (Corporate Communication)

The National Gallery Singapore (NGS) is an art museum that houses “the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian modern art” (About the Gallery, n.d.). As a public institution, it is open to residents and nationals in Singapore and tourists. While the gallery receives public funding and donations, it also charges admission fees; Singaporeans enter the gallery at no cost while non-Singaporeans pay for admission. Furthermore, the gallery’s survival is predicated upon sustaining a healthy flow of visitors into the museum as it signals to the National Arts Council (NAC) and ministries the importance and relevance of the institution and its events (Ho, 2019). It is vital that the museum remains open. Thus, events that restrict or halt the flow of admissions into NGS can reasonably be construed as threats.

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Back Pain No More

I am well. The back pain is no more. On a related note, the mozzies are still buzzing around. At this point, I am certain that my body is a beacon for mozzies to gather. I keep the residents of Yishun safe, to some degree.

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