Movie Review: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Nearly a century later in the fabled land of Hollywood, we now have a Marvel movie featuring a stellar cast of Asians. In Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Simu Liu is Shang-Chi and Shang-Chi gets to fight Tony Leung AKA the real Mandarin.

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The Samsung SSD 980 NVMe M.2 Has Arrived

I ordered the Samsung SSD 980 NVMe M.2 1TB drive on the 3rd of September and received it today. Installation on my ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 laptop should be a breeze. Stay tuned for images and a short installation guide!

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I Got Pfizered

In the name of civic duty and national security, I had registered for the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it was made available to my age group. Unfortunately, the centres near my home were unavailable during selection. So, I resigned myself to going to the next closest area which was Woodlands CC.

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Agency and Freedom of Opinion

Isn’t it intriguing that healthy folks can exercise their freedom and choose to reject vaccines? Yet, there are others who are allergic or experience adverse effects; these vulnerable people wish to be vaccinated, yet cannot do so.

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